Dulwich College Wedding Videography

Fun Dulwich College Wedding Videography

We were super excited when Susannah and Asif contacted us about filming their wedding celebrations at Dulwich College in London. As York wedding videographers we love going on the road and bringing our brand of fun Yorkshire wedding videography to new and exciting locations. We had previously met Susannah & Asif in London for a little engagement shoot over Christmas and we already knew that they were planning a super fun-filled wedding. We couldn’t wait to capture their day in true fun wedding videography style and see all the amazing things they had prepared. Needless to say, we were chomping at the bit by the time their day arrived, and it was with big smiles on our faces, that we set out to capture some awesome Dulwich College wedding videography.

The day started well with unseasonably warm sunshine and Asif was in fine form when I (Matt) arrived at his parents’ home in the morning. Jaye was to meet Susannah at Dulwich college and then we would be off to the church for the all-important ceremony. It wasn’t long before Asif’s best man had him in fits of laughter – making for some really fun wedding videography moments. Meanwhile, Jaye met with a nervously excited Susannah – capturing some fantastic moments from her morning preparations.  

Dulwich College Wedding

As a relaxed and fun wedding videographer, I love the build-up to the ceremony and the moment when the bride enters, and the groom sees her for the first time. Asif looked suitably stunned as Susannah made her way down the aisle and the ceremony began. The ceremony continued with a real sense of celebration in the air – perfectly suited to our fun Yorkshire wedding videography style.

Susannah and Asif exited the church to flurries of confetti and after some hugs and kisses, we whisked them away for a fun couple’s session of wedding videography. The blossom filled trees made for an awesome backdrop and it wasn’t long before we were feeling very happy with what we had caught and looking forward to getting over to Dulwich College and re-joining the party.

Fusion Wedding Videography

Dulwich College wedding videography really benefits from the grandeur of this beautiful old building and amazing grounds. By the time we arrived back at Dulwich the party was in full swing and we got busy capturing some amazing moments. The meal was to take place in the main hall – an amazing space which certainly added to the atmosphere as the speeches began. Susannah’s dad kicked off with some touching (and very funny) memories of Susannah growing up. Then it was over to Susannah and Asif to pass on their thanks to their guests – many of which had come from some far-afield locations. Finally, Asif’s best man had the hall filled with howls of laughter – absolutely delivering on his best man duties and providing one of the funniest best man speeches of our year.

Dulwich College Wedding Videography with a bearded groomsman dancing with his fingers pointing towards the camera.

Fun Fusion Wedding at Dulwich College

As a dual faith wedding, Susannah and Asif had really planned to make the most out of their wedding celebrations. A quick change into Indian outfits later and Susannah and Asif entered to thunderous applause and began their Nikkah ceremony. Dhool players had been planned for the evening celebrations and Asif and Susannah stunned their guests with an amazing, choreographed dance. We were absolutely loving our day of Dulwich College wedding videography and as the couple swirled around the dancefloor – we just knew that we were capturing some truly amazing wedding videography moments. Asif and Susannah – your day was so much fun, and we were so happy to be there to share it with you!

Fun wedding photography by Tux & Tales Photography of York